Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents, While Snowflakes are Falling on the Ground

Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents,
While Snowflakes are Falling on the Ground

As I look out the window and see the snow gently falling on the ground, I am reminded of all the fun activities you can do in the snowy months such as; building a snowman, sledding, skiing/snowboarding, ice skating, and snow shoeing etc.

Capturing the picturesque snow while skiing in Colorado

All of those fun activities, require special footwear to help you a navigate the snow and reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

  • Building a snowman, sledding- Winter boots to keep your feet warm and provide better traction on the snow.
  • Skiing, snowboarding – Ski boots or special snowboarding boots to anchor you to your skis/ snowboard and make it easier to go down the hill.
  • Ice skating- Ice skates to help you avoid slipping on the ice.
  • Snow shoeing- Snow shoes to allow you to walk on top of the snow.

Specific footwear for different winter activities isn’t the only way to enjoy the snow and reduce the risk of slipping and fall accidents during the winter season…

During the winter months ice melt, snow, and slush, gets tracked into your facility on the bottoms of shoes turning your establishment into an indoor “ice skating rink”, where there is an increased risk of individuals slipping and falling. Water on the floor is not only a safety hazard, but it can also lead to an expensive lawsuit.

Caution Icy Walk Like a Penguin!

As the snow is falling outside you don’t want to worry about your patrons falling inside. Aluminum entrance mats assist to create a safe environment and help your patrons avoid slipping and falling at your facility. They are designed to keep your establishment clean, safe, and beautiful even if the weather outside is frightful!

Key Characteristics of an Effective Matting System:

  • Fall-Through: A fall-through product is best used as your first winter roadblock stopping incoming ice melt, and winter debris particles in its tracks.  Fall-through products allow the larger fragments to fall below the mat surface, preventing them from being tracked further into your building with the incoming snowy foot traffic.
  • Brush:  A good brushing action is paramount for an effective matting system; it should have stiff fibers that brush off in-coming debris. Another important aspect of this matting is that it traps the snow, slush, and ice melt toward the back of the mat until it can be removed, thus preventing it from being trailed in throughout the facility.
  • Dry:  An effective matting system will finish the job by drying bottoms of the winter boots entering your establishment.  These mats should be made of fine fibers that can retain a large amount of moisture and can dry quickly.
  • Style:  Since your entry ways are one of the first things that customers see, it is important to think about the building aesthetic as well as what elements your mat will be exposed to. Aluminum entrance mats come in a multitude of insert types and colors and are customized to your exact specifications.
Pro Tip: Using a dark color carpet insert combined with a lighter shade helps hide the white/gray ice melt crystals, carried in via the wintery foot traffic.
Ice melt blends in with a combined dark/light insert shade


For small wet spills, use a clean cloth or absorbent material to soak up as much of the spill as possible.  If a large wet spill occurs or inclement weather causes your mat to retain more moisture than average, we recommend utilizing a wet/dry vac or a carpet extraction machine to remove any excess snow and slush from your matting system.

At the end of the winter season, when your entrance mats are unusually soiled an on-site pressure washer can be used to clean the mats. Stand mats on end to dry or use wet/dry vac to extract moisture before returning to sanitized recessed well.

See how most of the snow is being wiped off towards the back of the mat

The blanket of snow on the ground may look pretty; but it can cause unseen dangers to individuals entering your facility, without proper entrance matting the risk of someone slipping in your building. Ronick is here to help make your holiday season merry and bright, so you get to enjoy all of those fun winter activities without worrying about the snow entering your facility!

Winter Ice Castles
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