Walk Off Zones

Aluminum entrance floor mats not only help create a welcoming environment and a strong first impression, but they also are designed to keep your building clean, dry, and safe. When selecting your entry mat you want to ensure that the entrance floor mat is not a tripping hazard, it is slip resistant, and can safely allow for passage of debris and water. An effective entrance floor mat system should include a combination of scraping and drying mechanisms designed to remove dirt and moisture. The entrance floormat system should be 15-25+ feet in length in order to maximize efficiency and follow the industry standards for the appropriate walk-off area.

When thinking about your building and the overall function of your entrance floor mat, you should think about it in zones and high traffic areas. Zone 1- Exterior Use, Zone 2- Building Entranceways, Zone 3- Interior Use and Other High Traffic Areas.

Zone 1: Exterior Use

As individuals are approaching the building from the outside this is your first line of defense and the goal is to capture as much of the coarsest dirt and debris as able, before it even enters the building. The matting system placed outside the entrance of your building is designed to be as maintenance free as possible with a fall-through product to allow larger particles to fall below. It should also aggressively scrape the soles of the shoes to prevent debris being tracked into the building.

Recommended Insert Types: Exterior Brush Tread, Poured Abrasive, Stainless Steel

Zone 2: Building Entranceway

Once individuals have crossed the threshold between the exterior and interior doors you need a product that is able to wipe off finer dirt particles and absorb moisture. A product with stiff fibers and a strong brushing action to brush off incoming soil will stop debris in its tracks and keep your building looking neat and tidy.

Recommended Insert Types: Heavy Duty Carpet, Abrasive Tape , Serrated Aluminum

Zone 3: Interior Use & High Traffic Areas

Now we need think about areas with higher foot traffic, such as the lobby, reception areas, walkways, corridors, elevators or secondary entrances prone to soil and humidity and how to best dry the footwear and absorb the moisture. These mats should be made of fine fibers designed to dry quickly and retain a large amount of moisture.

Recommended Insert Types: Heavy Duty Carpet, Nylon, Rubber

Your entry way is one of the first things your customer sees, and it sets the tone for the experience at your establishment. There are many entrance floor mat styles, insert types, and colors that can be customized to fit your design and add to your curbside appeal transforming the overall look and feel of the space. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your aluminum entrance mats will greatly extend the life of your mat, as well as leave a good impression of your building’s décor and function.

For more information please contact Ronick, we would be happy to answer all of you questions and help you identify which entrance matting system will work best for your building.

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