Care & Maintenance For Your Metal Entrance Mat

With proper care and maintenance you can keep your aluminum entrance mat functioning at peak performance. Not only does regular cleaning extend the life of your metal mat, but it also helps prevent dirt and mud from being tracked into your building.

Over time the carpet material wears down and can become permanently stained or damaged leaving an ineffective, unattractive entrance mat. Refurbishing your existing aluminum mat or replacing the carpet inserts will enhance the aesthetic appeal, while also providing a safe and effective mat for years to come!

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Mat Maintenance

Looking for assistance with general maintenance of your Pedimat, Pedigrid, PediTred or other entrance mats?

Cleaning Instructions

Learn how mats should be cleaned & cared for, in order to extend their product life.

Mat Maintenance

Ronick offers cleaning and refurbishing services to the Minneapolis / St. Paul Twin Cities Metro Area.  We have more than 35 years of experience specializing in sales and service for Pedimats, PediTreds, Pedigrids, GridLine entry mat products, and more.

Metal Entrance Mat Cleaning

Better soil absorption for reduction in
interior maintenance
Maintenance reduces corrosion

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Aluminum Entrance Mat Refurbishing

Less expensive than purchasing a new
Aluminum Entrance Mat
Extends life of Aluminum Entrance Mat

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Aluminum Mat Insert Replacement

Choose carpet inserts that better suit
your application
Find a color that helps hide dirt

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