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People walk over aluminum entrance mats every day and never give them a second thought. There are different types of entrance mats, but not all of them provide a safe, effective cleaning surface for people entering your building. Below are some frequently asked questions about aluminum entrance mats and matting and why they perform a superior matting function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to help you efficiently choose the correct mat and avoid mistakes, our team is standing by to help you so please call if you have additional questions.

Why do I need an entrance mat?

Entrance Mats provide a safe and clean environment for everyone entering your building by stopping dirt in its tracks. When choosing your entry mat you want to ensure that the entrance floor mat is not a tripping hazard, it is slip resistant, and effectively retains debris and water.

Where is the best location for installation?

An aluminum entrance mat belongs wherever there is pedestrian foot traffic. Aluminum mats are ideal for use in all areas of high traffic. To list popular applications: office buildings, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals, senior centers, banks, casinos, arenas, malls, theatres, exhibition halls as well as any building with high-traffic entrances. Entrance mats can be used for interior and exterior use, they can be used at building entranceways, in elevators or at other high traffic areas. The proper mat placement will not only extend the life of your interior floor surfaces, but it will also help uphold a high-level appearance, design, and function for your overall building. We offer entrance mats and grids in a wide variety of styles, colors, and configurations that will enhance any entryway design.

How does having an aluminum entrance mat affect building maintenance?

Foot Grilles are low maintenance -- they consistently reduce building cleaning costs. Carpet inserts capture moisture yet dry quickly.  Recessed products are easily removed for cleaning the recessed well. A properly implemented foot grille system can reduce dirt from being tracked into a building while creating a ripple effect to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs across the building. Less dirt entering your building means that less dirt and debris is being saturated into surrounding floors, which means permanent flooring maintenance/refinishing schedules are significantly decreased. Floor surfaces also stay cleaner longer, reducing the need to mop, sweep and vacuum as often. The correct placement of mats will also extend the life of interior floor coverings and floor surfaces and help you achieve and maintain a high level of appearance, function, and design for your overall building aesthetic.

What information do I need to provide to receive a quote?

All metal entrance matting is custom made to fit any size entrance way. There are no standard sizes or set dimensions for an entrance mat system. The basic information needed to request a quote and receive accurate pricing on an aluminum or stainless steel entrance mat/grid is:

  1. Type of Rolled-up Metal Mat, Aluminum Metal Grid or Stainless Steel Grid
  2. Shape and Size (width x length)
  3. Depth (if existing recess)
  4. Aluminum Rail and Frame Finish Type
  5. Type and Color of Rail Inserts
  6. Frame Type

For more detailed information click here.

Do the entrance mats come in stock sizes?

All aluminum mats are custom made for your individual requirements. Need a mat with fractional dimensions? -- we build aluminum mats and frames for your specific needs to fit your specific space. We also offer a wide range of insert and finishing options to enhance and coordinate the appearance of your entry area.

How big should my entrance floor mat be?

The entrance floor mat system should preferably be 15 - 25+ feet in length in order to maximize efficiency. The stride of an average person is 2'- 6". If you have a 10-foot long entrance mat, shoes will only step on the mat 4 times. Ideally your entrance floor mat should be as long as possible.

An effective entrance floor mat system should include a combination of scraping and drying mechanisms designed to remove dirt and moisture. In heavy-traffic areas entrance mats are installed from entry to elevators or to the reception area. Climate conditions (snow/sand/dirt) should also be taken into account when choosing your mat size. Ex. A grocery store, or a convenience store entry will require more matting than a medical office.

What is Aluminum Entrance Mat Anodization?

Anodization is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish coat. Aluminum roll-up entrance mats come standard in a mill finish (natural shiny aluminum). Aluminum entrance mats can be customized with an anodized (clear, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze, black or gold) finish to match your interior décor.

What type of insert will work best for my building?

Aluminum entrance mats are available in many different insert types and come in a variety of colors. To determine which type of insert is best for your building you need to consider the amount of foot-traffic as well as the different elements that the area will be exposed to.

NYLON Carpet Inserts

Nylon fiber carpet inserts stand up to normal foot traffic. Specifications may state: 100% solution-dyed nylon fiber, fusion bonded to vinyl backing. Recommended for Interior use.

MonoTuft Heavy Duty Carpet™

Heavy duty carpet is a popular insert option. It is a nylon and polypropylene combination including monofilament fibers. It is the most aggressive interior carpet insert available and offers an aggressive brush action with poly bristles to clean mud from shoes while also absorbing moisture at the same time. Recommended for interior use with heavy traffic, mixed use situations. These inserts provide an effective solution for the most demanding entryways. Heavy Duty inserts are highly effective at scraping dirt and wiping moisture from pedestrian footwear traffic.

Exterior Brush Tread

The Exterior Brush Tread is made of coarse bristle like fibers for exterior use. Also described as Heavy Duty Inserts: 100% polypropylene fiber, fusion bonded to vinyl backing; or bristle filament carpet insert.  Recommended for exterior use, not only because of its ruggedness, but also because of built-in UV ray protectors to prevent sun fading. These Exterior Brush inserts are the most aggressive scraping and wiping inserts available.

Abrasive Tape

These inserts offer excellent performance in entryways where slip resistance and traction are required.  These flexible abrasive grit tape inserts are bonded to aluminum rails.  Ideal for wet and slippery conditions.

Poured Abrasive

Poured abrasive inserts are a factory manufactured, water-based two-part epoxy/abrasive grit color option.  Available in 6 different colors -- including "Safety Yellow".  Insert colors can be combined with Safety Yellow to meet your needs and décor where a slip-resistant entryway is needed.  The poured abrasive inserts provide excellent traction for a safe foot traffic surface.

Recycled Rubber Insert

A slip-resistant recycled rubber insert option is available in a large assortment of color combinations.  The recycled rubber content is dependent on color combination selection. A unique insert for application demanding a highly specialized product with décor, as well as safety needs.


Vinyl insert treads provide a durable solution for safety protection at hazardous wet entry areas. The Vinyl inserts are available in black and can be used in roll-up mats or grids.

Serrated Aluminum

Serrated aluminum treads offer an excellent cleaning surface. This low maintenance mat insert provides the high-end look of a natural metal grid at an economical price. Serrated aluminum inserts and aluminum rails or grids are available in clear anodized aluminum finish. Ideal for tough indoor or outdoor applications.

Whichever option you choose, Ronick is here to assist you every step of the way.

What is the difference between Nylon and Polypropylene?

The majority of carpet-based mats are made out nylon and/or polypropylene. Nylon carpeting is best known as a softer option that is less abrasive and works very well for wiping off and holding water and small amounts of dirt. Nylon mats are ideal for interior applications where the mat is not exposed to outside elements. Polypropylene on the other hand, is more of a fishing line material that is very abrasive and easily removes large amounts of snow and dirt. Mats made with polypropylene material work great due to their durability and rigid fibers that are very hard to "matt" down. Some mats incorporate both materials creating both a scraping and a wiping action with every footstep.

What color insert is the best for my building?

Aluminum entrance mat inserts are available in many types and colors. Coordinating a specific color pallet to match your building décor is simple. We recommend you also consider your building's geographical location -- what elements (dirt, sand, ice melt) is your entrance exposed to when selecting the insert material. The colors chosen for your aluminum mat should reduce the visibility of these elements. Entrance mats are exposed to many different conditions -- snow, rain, dirt, sand, and ice melt. You can help hide debris by choosing a color similar to the type of foot traffic your mat will encounter. Check out what color options are available.

What are Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) requirements?

LEED Requirements are standard practices for purchasing and designing with environmentally friendly materials for a building. Points are used to measure how "green" a building is in specific areas of design and construction. The sum of all these points determines the scale of LEED Certification in a building. Entrance mats are part of LEED requirements for credits in the certification process. The most points for entrance systems is IEQ Credit 5 -- providing a PERMANENT entrance system of at least 10 feet in all major entrances. For more information on LEED Credit points that can be earned for using specific materials click here.

Below are possible LEED Credit points that can be earned for using specific materials that fulfill the guidelines below.

Materials and Resources

MR Credit 4.1, Recycled Content

To fulfill this requirement, the sum of post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the post-industrial content constitutes at least 4% of the total value of the materials in the project. Aluminum for Pedimats ®, PediTreds ®, and Pedigrids ® is 30% post-consumer, 46% post-industrial. Look at Recycled Rubber Inserts for options on adding additional post-consumer content to your project.

MR Credit 6, Rapidly Renewable Material

2.5% of the total value of all building materials and products must be made with rapidly renewable materials and products. Typically, these are plants harvested within a ten-year cycle or shorter. We offer Wood Inserts such as bamboo and cork treads, which add rapidly renewable content to any project.

Indoor Environmental Quality

IEQ Credit 4.3, Low-Emitting Materials

Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) refer to organic chemical compounds that have significant vapor pressures. These man-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds can affect the environment and human health. Many of our products meet the standards for low VOCs.

IEQ Credit 5, Pollutant Source Control

This credit requires compliance with a varied group of items that cumulatively help keep pollutants out of the indoor air. One basic requirement for LEED 3.3 is to install a permanent entrance system at least 10 feet long in all major entrance areas of the building. Find an economical solution with a Pedimat ® entrance system.

What is ADA Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires both commercial and public buildings to meet specific codes. There are several categories involving mats -- ranging from bathrooms to ramps. Being ADA Compliant with entrance matting specifies detailed restrictions for the mats to ensure that they are slip resistant, do not create a tripping hazard, and have small openings for debris and water to fall through while also allowing for passage of a high heel or a cane/walker.

Recessed metal mats and surface mounted Pedisystems mats are fully ADA compliant and easily traversed by wheelchair traffic. They provide a safe surface and ensure easy accessibility to your facility. Ronick is here to help ensure that your mats are ADA compliant.

Is it possible to use an entrance mat/grid on an ADA compliant ramp?

Yes, by using our poured abrasive or vinyl inserts you can meet the higher requirement for static coefficient of friction recommended by the ADA. The mat/grid will also need to be mechanically fastened (to the ramp). Please contact our team with this special request.

What entrance mats are recommended for placement underneath/around a revolving door?

When installing an entrance mat inside a revolving door; the extra friction of the rotating door needs to be considered. Insert materials that may be a viable option for being placed in a revolving door are: stainless steel, serrated aluminum, poured abrasive, and recycled rubber. Carpet inserts need to be avoided for this setting.

The Gridline, PediTred G3, and PediTred G4 are all models that may work for placement inside of a revolving door. With any irregular shaped mat placements, a template is recommended to ensure accurate fit. It is also advised to use a scraping mat with a half-circle cutout on both the outside of the revolving door entrance to remove larger amounts of debris/snow as well as a wiping mat inside to capture more of the dirt and moisture.

What is the life expectancy of my entrance mat?

On average aluminum entrance mats last 5-10 years; the life expectancy varies depends on the type of entrance mat you install, the size of the mat, as well as the amount of foot traffic in your building. Another key factor in mat longevity is care and maintenance. If you have on-site staff who vacuum and clean the entrances and entrance matting on a weekly basis, your mats will perform and fare much better over time.  For more information on how to properly care for your mat click here.

Does my old aluminum entrance mat need to be replaced or can it be repaired?

Aluminum mats can be refurbished many times over depending upon their condition and annual maintenance. In many cases replacing the carpet inserts is a more economical solution than replacing the old mat with a brand new aluminum entrance mat/grid outright. All of our mats secure carpet and other inserts with either staples or rivets on both sides of the aluminum entrance mat making replacement easy. Other mats may use glue to bond the insert into the aluminum requiring more effort and time to remove. In these cases it is potentially more expensive to remove and replace inserts with the additional labor required to work around the glue/epoxy. For more information on mat insert replacement click here.

Can Stainless Steel Rust?

Although stainless steel is more corrosion-resistant to rusting and other forms of deterioration than other metals, it can still appear rusty if not properly maintained. Environmental conditions and contact with corrosive metals can also cause stainless steel to depreciate at a quicker rate. It is important to regularly clean your stainless steel foot grille to maintain its appearance. For more information on how to clean your stainless steel grille click here.

How do Aluminum and Metal floor mats perform in snow/rain and in inclement weather conditions?

Metal or aluminum entrance mats are specially designed for use in high pedestrian traffic areas. This type of matting is highly effective in snow and rain elements and works to reduce slipping hazards with its wiping and scraping features. Unlike rubber backed mats, metal or aluminum entrance matting allows moisture and dirt to fall below, keeping the surface clear and hazard free. Property owners and managers that use metal or aluminum entrance matting in their facilities have a safer surface for their pedestrian traffic while reducing maintenance needs in their building entrances.

In what situations do you recommend a drain and pan?

A drain is recommended in areas of higher than average rain or snowfall. We do offer a pan for all grids but including a pan adds costs and complexity to the manufacturing of the unit. We recommend a trench drain set in a level base frame whenever practical.

What is a Pedimat?

Pedimat® aluminum entrance floor mats have been economically stopping dirt at the at the door in thousands of commercial buildings since 1969. Pedimat's ® unique lightweight rail design is engineered for long-lasting, quiet performance, and offers an excellent variety of finish and tread insert color options and types to fit any décor. All Pedimats ® are custom made to size and present a permanent solution for tracked in dirt and moisture. They can be recess or surface mounted, as well as rolled up for effortless cleaning. Pedimat® entrance mats keep building interiors safe, clean, and beautiful.

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