Why Choose ADA Compliant Entrance Floor Mats

The Importance of ADA Compliant Entrance Floor Mats

In 1990 the US Government passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This act opens doors for people with disabilities and protects them from discrimination in their day-to-day life. The law states that all public and private spaces that are open to the general population must take the necessary steps to assist people with disabilities and afford them the same opportunities and rights as everyone else. With the passing of this law businesses must remove architectural hurdles in existing structures and ensure that new or altered buildings/ facilities are accessible to people with disabilities and are ADA Compliant.

When choosing your entry mat you want to ensure that the entrance floor mat is not a tripping hazard, it is slip resistant, and can safely allow for passage of debris and water.



All facilities benefit from low profile or low height entrance floor mats; transitions should not exceed more than ¼ of an inch above the finished floor. Minimal height transitions, not only do they keep areas clean, dry, and safe but they also present minimal tripping hazards for all individuals. The low profile allows for patrons, particularly those in a wheelchair, to cross over the mat with ease and avoid tripping over protruding edges.


Another important safety element for your entrance floor mat is ensuring that is will stay safely in place, flat to the ground. Slip-resistance is achieved when the back of the mat is lined with a material that will cause friction when placed against the floor surface. This is crucial for individuals using a mobility device as well as when inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow come into play for all consumers. The ADA recommends a static coefficient of friction (SCOF) value of 0.60 as the certified accepted measurement standard for slip resistance and safety.


To be ADA Compliant, openings in the floor surfaces or the ground to capture dirt, debris and water need to be minimal in diameter, no more than ½ inch or 13 mm, to allow for the safe passage of a high heel or a cane/walker.

Ronick is here to assist with all your entrance floor mat needs and ensure that ADA requirements are being met. The products we offer are designed to be long lasting and code compliant while also adding to the overall aesthetic impact of a building.

For more information please contact 877-242-8821.

Americans with Disabilities Act- www.ada.gov

Construction Specialties Inc

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