Keep On Walking: Walk-Off Mat Benefits

Keep On Walking: Walk-Off Mat Benefits

As a leading supplier of commercial entrance matting systems, we know the importance of choosing the right walk-off floor mat for your commercial building. Walk-off mats provide a clean and safe surface for your guests to walk on. They also come in an array of finish types, insert types and color options to match any décor. Here at Ronick we believe that having a good walk-off entrance mat can offer many benefits for your business or facilities entranceway.

What Is a Walk-Off Mat?

A walk- off mat is a type of commercial matting or flooring that is primarily used in the entryway of a business or an establishment. Often, you may find a walk-off mat placed just inside the main entrance doors of a building or directly outside the main doors of a commercial facility. Placing these commercial mats in the entrance either indoors or outdoors can be extremely effective and beneficial for managing foot traffic and keeping your building looking spotless. Heavy duty walk-off carpet has the ability to scrape off debris from the bottom of shoes leaving a cleaner building and a long-lasting impression. Another essential property of a durable and high-quality walk-off entrance mat is the ability to trap dirt and moisture; preventing slip, trip, and fall accidents from occurring in high traffic areas.

Walk-Off Entrance Mat Benefits

Walk-off mats offer a range of benefits as an essential commercial entranceway flooring solution.  Not only are walk-off mats able to stop dirt in its tracks with its incredible cleaning abilities, but they are also easily maintained, offer key safety benefits/features, and provide aesthetic design elements to enhance any décor and make any building making your building more appealing to clients and customers.

Entrance Walk-Off Mats Offer Simple Care and Maintenance Solutions

Commercial entryway flooring offers a low maintenance, cost-effective solution to reduce building cleaning expenses. Walk-off mats stop dirt and debris from being tracked throughout your facility. Entranceways are the busiest area of a building, and therefore collect the most dirt compared to any other part a commercial building. The correct entrance mat placement will also extend the life of floor surfaces and interior floor coverings helping you achieve and maintain an exceptional level of appearance, function, and aesthetic for your overall building design.

Walk-Off Floor Mats Make Business’s Safer

Another advantage of walk-off entrance mats is the increased safety it provides to your commercial building. By capturing dirt and trapping moisture at the entryway; walk-off mats create a safer entryway, preventing slip, trip and fall accidents. Your entrance mat is designed to protect your clients, customers, and employees; it is equipped to handle moisture from rain, snow, and slush -- preventing it from building up in your facility while providing a safe environment for everyone entering your building.

Walk-Off Carpet Makes a Building More Alluring

First impressions matter, walk-off mats help create a welcoming environment and add to the overall function, design, and aesthetic of your building’s entryway. Walk-off carpets keep your entryway clean. Client’s, and customer’s impressions of your facility will be amplified through cleanliness and the clear attention to detail displayed. Adding unique color accents, features, and surface textures to your entranceway is another prominent way that walk-off matting can enhance the visual impact of your lobby or entryway. At Ronick we offer a wide variety of customizable choices to match your buildings aesthetic.

Where to find Commercial Walk-Off Entrance Mat Solutions

Ronick Matting Systems offers a wide array of commercial entryway solutions for your enterprise. We offer customizable options to fit your exact specifications and measurements. You get to choose from different finish options, insert material types, and colors to greet your customers at the door and keep your building looking clean, safe, and beautiful!

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