Choosing the Right Entrance Floor Mat for Your Business

Choosing the Right Mat for Your Business Needs

Entrance mats are often one of the last items that go into a new commercial building. Just because they are the last thing to go into a build, doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Entrance mats play an integral role in the safety, cleanliness, and design of an entryway.

Why is it important to have an entrance mat?

It is important to have a commercial entrance mat in order to keep your patrons safe, your facility clean, and your entrance looking beautiful.

When choosing your commercial walk-off floor mat you want to ensure that the entrance floor mat is not a tripping hazard, it is slip resistant, and can safely allow for passage of debris and water with its openings. Entrance Mats provide a safe and clean environment for everyone entering your building and stops dirt in its tracks.

How to choose the best entrance matting system to fit your business’s needs?

When considering which entrance mat is right for your establishment there are some key components that should be factored into your decision.

1.     The amount of pedestrian/foot traffic

2.     The size of the entrance mat/space you are working to cover

3.     The climate or the weather conditions your mat will be exposed to in your geographical location

4.     The surrounding exterior- Does your entrance come directly off of a sidewalk or an asphalt parking lot, etc.?

5.     Primary use of the entrance- will the entrance be predominately used for foot and wheelchair traffic or for commercial deliveries?

What is the best type of commercial entrance matting?

For years, durable aluminum entrance mats have been a preferred flooring choice amongst architects, and business owners alike. Aluminum entrance matting is the paradigm of commercial floor mats. Aluminum entrance mats are not only stylish, but they are also functional and effective at keeping your facility clean and preventing dirt from crossing the threshold of your commercial building. Metal mats help businesses save on care and maintenance costs, they prevent dangerous slip and fall accidents from occurring, and they can also be customized to fit your business needs. Aluminum entrance floor matting can be found in a multitude of businesses including corporate buildings, airports, hotels, churches, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, shopping centers, and more! Metal entrance mats are second to none; they are long lasting and designed to maximize performance in your commercial facility.

Customizable for your business

At Ronick we offer a wide array of customizable options to fit your business needs and enhance your buildings aesthetic. All of our aluminum entrance mats are carefully crafted to match your exact specifications and unique shape; you get to pick every detail down to the finish type including; the tread insert type, to the color, rail finish, and frame style. Your entrance matting system is also measured to the precise dimensions for maximum customization.

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