Spring Cleaning and Commercial Entrances

Spring Cleaning & Commercial Entrance Matting Solutions

Now that spring has sprung, and flowers are starting to bloom it is time to think about spring cleaning.

Your company’s entrance and entrance matting system is an important area to not overlook when you are getting everything back in tip top shape for the spring season. We recommend doing a deep cleaning of your entrance matting system after the winter weather has taken an effect on your entrance mat and your mat has been exposed to many different elements.

The snow is gone, but ice melt and salt residue may still be affecting your matting systems ability to effectively remove dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes, and it is time to clean the rails and the recess below. You would be so surprised to see how much debris has been captured during the winter months.

This is a recess that was cleaned at a local grocery store after the snow melted and the winter season came to an end.

Your entrance is one of the first things that your customers see and it sets the tone for their entire experience - a dirty mat with leftover marks from the winter months does not create a very welcoming environment! Depending on the amount of foot traffic and the different elements your mat is exposed to, can affect your mats functionality.

Deep cleaning your mat a few times per year, can not only keep your mat look neat and tidy, but it can also increase the performance and longevity of your entrance matting system.

One of the primary reasons to use a metal or aluminum entrance mat in a recessed well is to allow the roll-up mat to trap and catch dirt, leaving it to fall between the slots and collect in the recessed area.  The recess needs to be cleaned as frequently as necessary to prevent a build-up of dirt and moisture under your roll-up mat/grid.

It is recommended that after vacuuming/sweeping/cleaning the well that you wash or sanitize the recessed well to prevent a build-up of bacteria.  A screwdriver can be used to lift the edge of the mats for easy removal.

As the seasons change so does the type of footwear and mess that enters your facility via the bottom of shoes. Autumn has leaves and crunchy leaf fragments, the winter months bring snow and slush, the spring and summer months have dust, pollens, and plant debris being tracked into your facility.

It is important to put in the extra effort of deep cleaning your entrance mat a few times throughout the year in order to keep your mat operating at peak performance year-round!

Ronick is here with every footstep!

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