Benefits of a Recessed Mat

Benefits of a Recessed Mat

Since 1987, Ronick has been a leading recessed mat supplier, we pride ourselves on helping clients make the best decisions when it comes to keeping your commercial building clean, safe, and beautiful. Recessed entrance mats have been a preferred choice for flooring amongst architects, and business owners alike, for decades. Recessed mats and grates are ideal for commercial businesses with high traffic areas including, but not limited to; office buildings, retail spaces, airports, hospitals, and schools etc. We have matting solutions suitable for a wide range of businesses and industries. Ronick is here to help you identify the best flooring solution to fit your business needs.

What Is a Recessed Floor Mat?

A recessed floor mat is a type of flooring solution that rests evenly with the surrounding floor. A recess mat with the accompanying frame is placed into an indentation or a depression, to help with both water drainage along with preventing slip, trip, and fall accidents. Recessed entrance mats come in a variety of depths, sizes and uses depending on the amount of foot traffic and location.

Aluminum entrance mats and grids are a popular form of recessed mounted floor mats. These durable mats contain carpet, vinyl, or metal inserts to provide a strong matting system with an elegant appearance. These mats provide an effective, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solution to your commercial matting needs.

Recessed Mats Keep High Traffic Areas Clean

There are many benefits of recessed entrance mats, grids, and grilles, they are a great flooring solution for your commercial business.  Areas with high volumes of pedestrian traffic are prone to more dirt and debris compared to other parts of the building. Recessed entrance mats trap dirt and debris and allow it to fall into the recess below preventing it from entering your facility.

They protect floors while also keeping them clean. Less dirt entering your commercial building means less dirt and debris being pressed into the floors, which means permanent refinishing /maintenance schedules are reduced. Floor surfaces also stay cleaner longer, decreasing the need to sweep, mop, and vacuum as often. Recessed mats are easily removed for cleaning of the recessed well. A properly implemented entrance matting system will reduce cleaning and maintenance costs throughout the building. The correct placement of recessed entrance mats will also extend the life of floor surfaces and interior floor coverings to help you achieve and preserve a high level of function, appearance, and aesthetic for your overall design.

Recessed Entrance Mats Keep Your Commercial Building Safe

Not only do dirty entranceways look unpleasant, but they also create more maintenance and increase the risk of pedestrians slipping, tripping, and falling in your commercial facility. By capturing dirt and trapping moisture at the entranceway; recessed mats and grilles are ideal for keeping clients, customers, and employees safe, by preventing accidents from occurring. Commercial entrance mats provide a trusted and reliable environment for all of the foot traffic entering your establishment.

Recessed Mats Make a Building More Aesthetically Appealing

By combining functionality with style, recessed mats keep your entryway clean while also exceeding expectations. Client’s, and customer’s impressions of your facility will be exemplified through cleanliness and clear attention to detail demonstrated.  Recessed Mats, Grids, and Grilles are custom made to match any décor, design, and color scheme to fit the aesthetic of your commercial business or facility. Adding unique color accents and surface textures, to your entranceway is another prominent way that walk-off matting can enhance the visual impact and function of your lobby or entryway.  

At Ronick we offer a wide variety of customizable choices to match your buildings aesthetic. All of our recessed mats are constructed to match your exact specifications; you get to pick everything from the tread insert type, to the color, rail finish, frame style. Your entrance matting system is also measured to the precise dimensions for maximum customization.

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