What Information do I Need to Provide to Receive a Quote?

Metal Entrance Mat Quote

What information do I need to provide to receive a free quote?

All metal entrance matting is custom made to fit any size entranceway.  There are no standard sizes or set dimensions for an entrance mat system. The basic information needed to request a quote and receive accurate pricing on an aluminum or stainless steel entrance mat/grid is:

(1) Type of rolled-up metal mat, aluminum metal grid or stainless steel grid
(2) Shape and Size (width x length)
(3) Depth (if existing recess)

(4) Aluminum rail and frame finish type
(5) Type and color of rail inserts.
(6) Frame Type

For additional information on the different requirements needed for receiving and accurate quote.
See below.

Quote Information:


Select the type of entrance mat or entrance grid for your needs, or the entrance mat system that was specified by the architect:

When choosing the right matting system for your establishment, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered.  Some of the key components are: the amount of foot-traffic, the mat/grid placement (Indoor, outdoor, other high traffic areas),the budget of your project, industrial materials used, and the overall look you are trying to achieve. When deciding on your entrance mat the main thing to remember is why you are getting a mat- to keep your patrons safe while also provide a clean and inviting environment.

  • (a)  Pedimat M1 ® - a roll-up mat designed using vinyl rails and aluminum hinge connectors for use in high traffic interior entrances.
  • (b)  Pedimat M2 ® - an all aluminum roll-up mat designed for exterior use.
  • (c)  PediTred G4 ® - an entrance grid, ¾” deep, capable of handling 1,000 pounds.  Industry’s strongest grid.  PVC-free hinges and supports.
  • (d)  PediTred LP G3 ® - entrance grid, ½” deep, capable of handling 750 pounds, especially designed for use in  replacement/remodeling construction using existing recess wells.  Great for high traffic entrances.
  • (e)  Pedigrid G1 ® - An 1-11/16” deep aluminum grid capable of handling 400 pounds.
  • (f)   Gridline G6 - a strong stainless steel grid, available in various depths and rail surface sizes.  Architects love the way stainless steel grids look and perform.


  • (a) Regular Shape - Shapes with 90- degree corners
  • (b) Irregular Shape - Shapes with notches or irregular cuts
  • (c) Irregular Shape Template - Irregular shapes requiring a template

Look at the architectural drawings to determine the correct size or sizes.  If replacing an existing entrance mat in a recessed area, use the diagram below to help you get accurate measurements.  i.e. most squares aren’t necessarily “square.”

If your job calls for an irregular shape, cutout, slits ,or angles; please submit a scaled drawing or sketch showing dimensions.  Any size or shape other than square or rectangular requires additional material and labor costs.

Each mat is customized to the exact specifications. To provide you with an accurate quote, we will need the precise measurements (width x length), depth of the mat, and rail direction.
*Note the depth of the mat is determined by the specific mat type selected.

Start by measuring the rough opening of the alcove.  In the drawing below: the arrows in green indicate the Traffic Direction or length of the mat.  The red arrows represent the Rail Direction or the width of the mat.  The mat is manufactured to have the rails perpendicular to the walking direction of traffic to scrape and wipe off feet more effectively.  It is important to measure multiple times for both the Traffic Direction and Rail Direction to verify the measurements are the same.
Here at Ronick our motto is measure twice, cut once.

If your recess is not rectangular or square in shape a template may be used to extract the exact dimensions.  A template kit is available upon request.  

The entrance mats and entrance grids are manufactured in several different depths.  When dealing with new construction, the type of entrance mat specified by the architect will determine the depth of the mat; otherwise, the depth of the recess will also need to be measured.


If replacing an existing mat or remodeling an existing vestibule area, the depth measurement is necessary to select the correct entrance matting system.

The most popular application depths for recesses are3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1-1/2", and 1-13/16".  A surface mount application can be used if no recess exists by installing tapered vinyl or tapered aluminum on all four sides of the entrance floor mat.  

Often a recess is created by placement of an aluminum frame tailored to the desired size of your entrance mat and then by installing tile, stone, etc. in the remaining vestibule area to create a smooth flat surface.  The tile abuts to the aluminum framing and mat forming a continuous no-trip exterior. When an entire vestibule area is matted, the preferred entrance matting mat should either slide under or meet the sill plate for a no-trip hazard.  


Metal entrance roll-up mats and grids are available in a number of finishes and colors.  The standard finish offered is a MILL FINISH for a natural metal look. We also offer ANODIZED FINISHES in both clear and in colored options for a durable option to match your interior décor and protect mat from oxidization. POWDER COAT FINISHES are also available in an array of clear and colored options for a polished look that repels water, chemicals, and other elements. *Please note there is an additional cost associated with coating your mat. Pricing varies by color and finish type.


Select a type of insert, as well as a color choice for the entrance mat.  *Please note the type of insert selected will affect pricing, but the insert color does not affect the overall price.

  • (a)  Heavy Duty Carpet Inserts – available in over 20 different colors.  An excellent choice for scraping mud, dirt and water from shoes.  For interior use only.
  • (b)  Exterior Brush Tread Inserts – available in over 3 different colors.  Select when extra UV color protectors are needed; excellent for scraping mud, dirt and water from shoes.
  • (c)  Poured Abrasive Inserts – available in over 5 different colors.  For use in areas that require slip resistance and traction.
  • (d)  Abrasive Tape Inserts – available in over 5 different colors.  An economical selection for traction needs.
  • (e)  Vinyl Tread Inserts – available in over 5 different colors.
  • (f)   There are additional styles of architectural designed metal mat and grid inserts, including wood and recycled rubber.


Determine if the entrance mat or entrance grid will be contained in a recessed area or will be installed as a surface mounted mat.  Pricing for each installation type is different.       

Recessed Installation options include:
  • (a) Recessed Level Base frame  -- frame used in new construction where the slab floor is poured around frame, creating a permanent recess area.
  • (b) Recess Tapered Angle Frame  --  frame often used in remodeling or post construction concrete pours.  This frame is bolted into existing concrete  or tile/stone.
Surface mount application options include:
  • (a)  Tapered vinyl frame/border on all sides.
  • (b)  Aluminum tapered border on all sides.
  • (c)  Pipestem Frame -- a transition frame used where mat abuts carpet.  Frame slides under carpet and forms a ramp up to the lip of the mat.
  • (d)  Surface Threshold Frame – framing designed to level transition from a tapered door threshold to the entrance matting surface.

The information needed to receive a quote is: the Type of Mat, the Shape and Size of the Mat, Recess Depth- if applicable, Mat Finish, Type of Insert and Color, and Frame.

To request a quote from Ronick please contact ronick@ronick.com. Our team of experts will be here to guide you every step of the way!

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