What Color Should My Entrance Mat Inserts Be?

What Color Insert is Best for My Building

Aluminum Mat Color Options
Aluminum entrance mat inserts are available in many types and colors. Trying to coordinate a specific color pallet with your interior décor is a breeze and there are a variety of color options available to best fit your entrance mat needs. We also recommend you consider your building's geographical location when picking out a mat and thinking about what elements (dirt, sand, ice melt salt) your entrance will be exposed to when selecting an insert. The colors chosen for your aluminum entrance mat should reduce the visibility of these elements, keeping your interior looking seamless. Entrance mats are exposed to many different conditions -- snow, rain, dirt, sand, and ice melt salt. You can help hide debris by choosing a color similar to the type of foot traffic your mat will encounter.


Dirt is the most common pollutant making a dark brown aluminum mat insert an ideal color for helping hide any build up -- reducing the visibility of a traffic-flow pattern forming on your entrance mat.  Applications include airports, hospitals, commercial buildings, and other entrances that have high pedestrian traffic.


In other parts of the country, sand prevails (southern regions).  Carpet inserts of a similar light brown blended sand color will not only retain the sand, but also hide it until it can be cleaned. The lighter tones will conceal the sand in the fibers and enhance the overall environment.

Ice Melt

The winter season brings freezing temperatures creating slip hazards on sidewalks and pavement.  Ice melt is typically the answer for removing ice buildup and making sure shoes have good traction.  The excess ice melt is carried in via foot traffic into entrances where it remains. Using a dark color carpet insert combined with a lighter shade helps hide the white/gray crystals.

Whatever entrance mat you choose, it should complement your existing décor and enhance your entranceway. With regular care and maintenance, you can keep your entrance mat looking and performing like new.

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