What is the Life Expectancy of My Entrance Mat?

Aluminum Entrance Mat Longevity

On average aluminum entrance mats last 5-10 + years; the life expectancy varies depends on the type of entrance mat you install, the size of the mat, as well as the amount of foot traffic in your building. Another key factor in mat longevity is care and maintenance. If you have on-site staff who vacuum and clean the entrances and entrance matting on a weekly basis, your mats will perform and fare much better over time. In order for your mat to be most effective and help extend its floor life and increase its performance, the following factors should be considered when selecting entrance matting for your building.

  • Amount of pedestrian traffic
  • The climate -- weather conditions your mat will be exposed to
  • Surrounding Exterior - whether the entrance comes directly off of a sidewalk or an asphalt parking lot, etc.
  • Whether entrance will be used predominantly for foot and wheelchair traffic or for commercial deliveries.

In some cases, companies may elect to purchase a new mat on an annual basis- this can be costly. Other companies choose to purchase on an as needed basis or refurbish their existing mat to help it looking and operating like new.

Aluminum entrance mats are designed to last. With proper care and maintenance you can keep your mat looking and performing like new. If your entrance mat starts to show its age and is displaying signs of wear and tear your mat may be able to be refurbished to help increase its lifespan.

This entrance is for a commercial office building where hundreds of people pass through daily. You can see a traffic pattern where pedestrian traffic is more prevalent. When the mat is worn bare, covered with a pronounced walking path of dirt, sand, or ice melt salt residue your mat is no longer operating at peak performance.

This close-up shows the ice melt hardened on the entrance mat. Unless cleaned these carpet inserts no longer trap and wipe off the dirt from the pedestrian traffic.


This Pedimat can be rolled back exposing the dirt in the recess below that needs to be cleaned.

The recess should be cleaned of all ice melt and dirt to allow for more collection of debris.

The Pedimat has been replaced after cleaning the carpet inserts and recess below increasing the dirt retention. If your carpet inserts still look worn after cleaning and needs replacement view our carpet insert replacement options.

When the mat is worn bare, covered with a traffic pattern of dirt and ice melt residue that is unable to be cleaned; it may be time to replace your carpet inserts.

If you're looking to replace matting on a year-to-year basis, you can purchase a wide variety of rubber/vinyl-backed entrance mats that are fairly inexpensive. On the other hand, if you're looking for a longer-lasting and more effective entrance matting system, you will want to look at metal matting. The initial cost will be on the higher end, but in the long term, metal mats cost less and and are more effective keeping your building safe and beautiful for years to come.

For information on replacing your carpet inserts or getting a completely new entrance mat altogether contact us at 877-242-8821 or ronick@ronick.com

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