Pedimat: Providing The Blueprint For All Of Your Commercial Entrance Mat Needs

Pedimat: Providing The Blueprint For All Of Your Commercial Entrance Mat Needs

Stopping dirt at the door since 1969, there is a reason why the Pedimat is still the most sought-after mat in the business. Known for its economical roll-up design, quiet performance, and dirt trapping capabilities - the Pedimat aluminum entrance mat is cut to your exact specifications and is able to be customized to fit your buildings aesthetic.

The Pedimat Entrance Mat comes in two different models, The Pedimat M1 and the Pedimat M2. Both options are ADA compliant, are engineered for heavy foot traffic, and can handle wheel load capacities of 350 lbs. per rolling wheel load. Pedimat mats are seen as the best of the best and have many benefits that outweigh the competition.

Pedimat M1

The Pedimat M1 is the quietest mat in the industry with its light-weight aluminum design. It is available with heavy duty carpet, exterior brush, or rubber inserts and can be recess or surface mounted for any application. The Pedimat M1 entrance mat is ideal for areas with moderate - high pedestrian traffic.

Pedimat M2

Sister mat to the Pedimat M1 entrance mat, the Pedimat M2 aluminum entrance mat can be recess or surface mounted. It comes in a variety of insert types including heavy-duty carpet, exterior brush, abrasive tape, poured abrasive, rubber and serrated aluminum, making the Pedimat M2 perfect for interior or exterior use.

Pedimat M2 Aluminum Entrance Mat at Local Library


The Pedimat has been trusted by thousands of businesses to effectively stop dirt in its tracks, keeping facilities clean and safe. Pedimat entrance mats are slip resistant and are constructed to optimize building conditions. Having an effective Pedimat aluminum entrance matting system at your commercial building can prevent a costly lawsuit.

Care & Maintenance

Caring for your Pedimat mat is a breeze, its convenient roll-up design simply rolls back for easy maintenance allowing you to clean the recess well below and remove the dirt and debris that didn’t make it into your establishment.

Did you know that dirt, dust, and debris can ruin floor finishes and interiors by being ground into the floors from the bottoms of footwear?

Having a Pedimat entrance mat can also reduce building maintenance costs 10-fold.  With an effective Pedimat entrance matting system floor surfaces stay cleaner longer, reducing the need to mop, sweep, and vacuum as regularly.


Pedimat’s are common in office buildings, banks, churches, government buildings and apartment complexes among many other types of businesses with varying amounts of foot traffic.

As you are designing/creating blueprints for your next commercial project you want to ensure that you do not overlook your entrance and are selecting the right entrance mat for your business’s needs - Choose Pedimat!

Ronick is here to assist with all of your commercial entrance mat needs, and our team of experts can aid in helping you create a safe and welcoming environment no matter that footwear entering your establishment.

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