Top 10 Tips To Help Your Aluminum Entrance Mat Stand The Test Of Time

Top 10 Tips to Help Your Aluminum Entrance Mat Stand The Test Of Time

Aluminum Entrance Mats are built to last; they are the best of the best when it comes to entrance mats, and they are superior to other mats in their engineering and design. The primary job on an entrance mat is to keep your facility clean, safe, and beautiful. In order for you entrance mat to effectively do its job it is important to maintain your matting system.

Here are some tips to keep your entrance mat operating at peak performance, and functioning like new:

  1. Ensure The Mat Lies Securely In Place - When installing or inserting your mat back in its designated location, roll out the bumps so the mat lies flat.
  2. Sweep Or Vacuum Regularly - Use an industrial broom or vacuum to collect and remove loose dirt and debris from your entrance mat
  3. Clean Up Water Spills Promptly - For small wet spills that have occurred, use a clean absorbent cloth or rag to soak up as much of the moisture as possible. If a large wet spill occurs or inclement weather causes your mat to retain more moisture than normal, we recommend using either a wet/dry vac or a carpet extraction machine to effectively remove moisture and dry your mat.
  4. Think About Seasonality When Caring For Your Mat - At the end of the winter season or when your mars are unusually soiled an onsite pressure washer can be used to clean the mats. Stand mats on end to dry or use a wet/dry vac to extract moisture before returning the mat to the sanitized recessed well.
  5. Deep Clean Periodically - Recessed mats capture dirt and debris below the mats surface, simply roll up mat or lift grates to clean recessed well. It is recommended after cleaning out the recess well that you wash or sanitize well to prevent buildup of bacteria or moisture If you are removing the mat from the recess to clean, make sure that the area is dried thoroughly before returning the mat to the place.
  6. Only Use Products That Are Safe For Your Mat - Water is the best method for cleaning your entrance mat. Mild soaps and light detergents are effective at removing built-up residue and stains. *Note: Avoid applying wax or polish to your mat, this can create a slippery surface that could cause slip and fall accidents.
  7. Check And Inspect Mat Frequently - Make sure your mat is lying evenly, there is no corrosion or salt residue from the winter months, and there is no gum or other sticky residue attached to your mat.
  8. Adhere To The Wheel Load Capacity Guidelines For Your Specific Mat - Heavy loads wheeled over your aluminum entrance mat may bend or damage the rails creating a tripping hazard. Plywood can be placed on top of the matting system for additional protection when transporting heavy equipment.
  9. Consider Replacing Your Mat Inserts Instead Of Replacing Your Mat Outright - When it’s time to replace your aluminum entrance mat, replacing the inserts is a huge cost savings that can keep your mat functioning at top performance.
  10. Write A Formal Care And Maintenance Plan - A systematic plan for your facilities team to follow ensures that standard and timely maintenance of your entrance mat doesn’t get overlooked and you can keep your entrance looking pristine and welcoming year-round.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your aluminum mats will not only extend the life of your mat, but it will also leave a good impression of your building’s décor and function.

Contact Ronick today for all of your entrance needs, our team will be there every step of the way!

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