Tips and Tricks for Properly Caring for Your Entrance Mat

Tips and Tricks for Properly Caring for Your Entrance Mat

Keeping your entrance mat mat clean and checking it regularly will increase its longevity as well as ensure that your best foot is forward, and you are creating an environment to be proud of.  Depending on the amount of foot traffic as well as the environmental factors, such as rain or snow, will affect how often your entrance floor mat should cleaned.

Daily Cleaning:

On a regular basis your recessed aluminum entrance mat should be swept/ or vacuumed to collect loose dirt and debris. When vacuuming your entrance floormat it is important to use a “wide-head” vacuum tool in order to maximize cleaning power and suction to best capture rubble caught between the aluminum strips and the insert material; heavy-duty carpet, abrasive or vinyl.

For small wet spills, use a clean cloth or absorbent material to soak up as much of the spill as possible.  If a large wet spill occurs or inclement weather causes your mat to retain more moisture than average, we recommend utilizing a wet/dry vac or a carpet extraction machine. A stain remover can be used to treat soiled areas. (NEVER use chemicals containing chlorinated hydrocarbons and bleaching/oxidizing agents-- use a carpet-approved stain remover to treat stains.)   We recommend using a light household-type carpet cleaner product.

Inspecting the recessed metal entrance floor mat daily for gum or other sticky residue will also allow it to be removed from the mat before it hardens and becomes impacted into the fibers. There are also commercial gum removal machines available to help get sticky things unstuck and keep your mat looking presentable.

Periodic cleaning- Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annually depending on the amount of foot traffic:

As the seasons change and you are thinking about spring cleaning, your aluminum entrance floor mat should also be included on that list.

One of the primary reasons to use an aluminum metal mat with a foot grille is to allow the mat to trap and catch dirt, leaving it to fall between the slots and collect below in the recessed area.  The recess needs to be cleaned as frequently as necessary to prevent a build-up of dirt and moisture under your roll-up mat/grid.  It is recommended that after vacuuming/sweeping/cleaning the well that you wash or sanitize the recession to prevent a build-up of bacteria.  A standard screwdriver can be used to lift the edges of the mat for easy removal.

Before using water or sanitizer to clean the recession, the mats should be removed from the recessed well and the well should be cleaned. Also, the underside of the mat should be cleaned off at this time. If mats are lifted or removed and replaced without cleaning the recessed well, they will not fit properly. Dirt build-up will have shifted and leave the surface floor uneven and your mat tipping and uneven. It is important to ensure surface moisture is extracted before placing the mat in use to avoid unseasonable soiling.

While the aluminum entrance mat is secured in its recessed well, you can use a carpet cleaning machine that uses counter rotating brushes or a hot water carpet extractor to clean the mats. A light household-type carpet cleaner product is recommended for cleaning. Carpet extraction should be performed to restore the entrance mats appearance and remove deeply embedded stains from the surface. In high traffic areas, we recommend performing this process at least four times per year or on a quarterly basis.

At the end of the winter season, when your entrance mats are unusually soiled an on-site pressure washer can be used to clean the mats. Stand mats on end to dry or use wet/dry vac to extract moisture before returning to sanitized recessed well. Another method to deep clean your mats is to take your mats or grids to a commercial car wash and use a cleaning wand until mats are clean.

A roll-up mat should be loosely rolled up and carefully removed from the well. Also, if you have a large heavy aluminum entrance mat, you can fold up half of the mat onto the other half; clean the recessed well and then roll back into cleaned well; repeat the process with the other half of the mat. No heavy lifting required.

Additional Items of Note:

  • If you are removing the mat from the recess to clean, make sure that the area is dried thoroughly before returning the mat to the place
  • Only use a cleaning solution that is recommended for color-safe carpeting
    (Do NOT use chemicals containing chlorinated hydrocarbons and bleaching/oxidizing agents  --  use a carpet-approved stain remover to treat stains instead.)   We recommend using a light household-type carpet cleaner product.
  • Cleaning products or chemicals that are NOT recommended for use with aluminum metals should be avoided when cleaning your entrance floor mat.
  • NEVER apply wax or other polishing products to the metal surface of the mats or grids --  doing so will create a slippery surface that could cause slip and fall accidents.
  • When thinking about care and maintenance for your entrance mat- you should also pay attention to the recommended weight restrictions for your specific mat; heavy loads wheeled over the aluminum mats or grids may bend or damage the mats creating a tripping hazard. Heavy loads include cards, boats, forklifts, pallet jacks etc.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your aluminum entrance mats will greatly extend the life of your mat. Not only does it extend the life of the entrance mat, but also helps reduce dirt and mud tracking into your building. Cleaning is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your aluminum entrance mats outright and they help set the tone for the experience at your facility. When thinking about your matting options, Ronick will be with you every step of the way.

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