Pedimat vs Peditred vs Pedigrid- Which One is Best?


When choosing the right commercial entrance mat to best fit your business needs, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered: The amount of pedestrian traffic, the primary use of the entrance, as well as the climate and weather conditions your mat will be exposed to, to name a few.

We’re here to help make that important mat, decision making step a bit easier for you; so you can trust that the walk-off mat that you selected will be operating at peak performance. The goal of an entrance mat is to help you maintain a clean environment while also keeping your clients, customers, and employees safe from a slip, trip and fall accident.

Pedimat Entrance Mats

The Pedimat is the most popular aluminum entrance mat we provide, and they are recognized across the industry. Since 1969, these mats have been economically and efficiently stopping dirt in its tracks in thousands of buildings across the nation. These entrance mats roll back for convenient cleaning and can manage wheel load capacities of up to 350 lbs. The Pedimat's unique lightweight rail design is engineered for quiet, long-term performance, and offers an exceptional array of finish and tread insert color options to fit any décor.

Pedimat’s are common in office buildings, banks, churches, and hotels among many other types of businesses with varying amounts of foot traffic.

PediTred Entrance Mats

Nothing can match the superior strength of the robust PediTred. This is the industry’s strongest mat, the PediTred can handle heavy wheel load capacities of up to 1,000 lbs. per rolling wheel load. These aluminum entrance mats combine the ruggedness of an architectural grid with the convenient roll-up design of a mat for easy cleaning and maintenance. PediTred mats can be recess mounted or surface mounted, depending on the model. Architectural slotted tread rails collect large quantities of dirt, mud, slush, and snow. This walk-off mat is available in an assortment of colors and insert types.

You may find a PediTred mat in car dealerships, casinos, hospitals, and warehouses as well as in many other locations with heavy equipment or machinery.

Pedigrid Entrance Mats

The Pedigrid is known across the industry for its strength, durability, and performance. Its sleek design is ideal for high traffic areas can support wheel load capacities of up to 400 lbs. This deep architectural grid system works to enhance traction by scraping the bottoms of shoes to trap large amounts of dirt, mud, slush, and snow in the recess below. The Pedigrid aluminum entrance grid is available with or without a drain pan and comes in a variety of insert and color choices.

The Pedigrid does well in Airports, Grocery Stores, Shopping Centers, and Museums along with many other industries.

No matter what aluminum floor mat you choose, aluminum entrance mats are the top in performance and reliability. They will keep your facility clean, safe, and looking spectacular. Here at Ronick, we stand behind all of the aluminum entrance mats that we offer.

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