5 Steps For Getting Your Mat Out The Door And Onto Your Entrance Floor

5 Steps For Getting Your Mat Out The Door And Onto Your Entrance Floor

Entrance mats are often the final item to go into a commercial build project, before your project is complete, but they are often overlooked. Aluminum entrance mats play an integral role in keeping your building clean, safe, and beautiful; and there is a lot more that goes into the entrance mat than what meets the eye. The next time you are walking through a building, I encourage you to stop and think about how that entrance mat you effortlessly walked over got there in the first place, and the steps it took to get the entrance mat onto your floor.

Step 1: Determine Which Commercial Entrance Mat Is Right For Your Facility

Entrance mats come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors; there is no project that is too big or too small. Ronick is here to help with all of your entrance needs, our team of experts can help provide you with different aluminum product options to best fit your specific building needs. Each mat is tailored to your precise conditions.

Some key components to consider when choosing your mat:

  1. The volume of pedestrian/foot traffic
  2. The size of the entrance mat/space you are working to cover
  3. The climate or the weather conditions your mat will be exposed to in your geographical setting
  4. The adjacent exterior- Does your entrance come directly off of a sidewalk or an asphalt parking lot, etc.?
  5. The central use of the entrance- will the entrance be predominately used for foot and wheelchair traffic or for commercial deliveries?
Reviewing the Project Blueprints

Step 2: Request a Quote

Aluminum entrance mats are customized to your exact specifications. In order to receive a true quote; we need to know the Product, Finish, Insert Type/Color, Frame, and Dimensions of the mat(s) needed for your project.

  • Product name: Pedimat, PediTred, Pedigrid etc.
  • Finish: Mill, Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized
  • Insert Type: Heavy Duty Carpet, Exterior Brush Carpet, Abrasive Tape, Poured Abrasive, Rubber, Serrated Aluminum etc.
  • Frame: Is a frame needed, if yes should your mat be recessed or surface mounted?

The motto that we operate by here at Ronick is “Measure Twice, Cut Once!” So make sure you are verifying your measurements, so we can provide you with an accurate quote and ensure that the mat will fit properly once it is ordered.

Once Your Entrance Mat Order is Submitted to Production, it Gets Constructed in the Warehouse.

Step 3: Submit Purchase Order/Payment

Now that you have received the quote for your entrance project with the entrance mat pricing and projected lead time it is time to submit your purchase order. Our team will provide you with an order verification document to make sure that all of the details of your order are accurate. We ask you to verify/ sign off on the product details, dimensions, traffic direction, and to identify payment terms and the ship to address. If your entrance is irregularly shaped, we will also have you sign off on drawings for your mat before your aluminum entrance mat goes into production.

You have signed off on everything, and you have placed your order… now what?!?!

Step 4: Production

Your order gets submitted to the production team, where they carefully match every detail of your order to your exact specifications. At the warehouse, they make sure that they have the necessary materials: aluminum rails specific to your chosen mat, anodization, insert type etc. to complete your mat construction. The production crew will also verify the rail direction to make sure its orientation goes with the foot traffic for your establishment. Before cutting your mat to the precise dimensions our team will measure twice in order to cut once. When your order is complete it will get packaged up and shipped to your facility. Our team will also provide you with shipping details so you can track your order every step of the way, getting it out the door and on to your floor.

Installing a Pedimat M1 Aluminum Entrance Mat at an Auto Dealership

Step 5: Installation

Now that the aluminum entrance mat has arrived at your facility it is time to get it installed at your entrance. Depending on the defined mat type ordered you will have different installation instructions for your specific mat. The final step of installation is ensuring that the mat lies flat and start walking in your newly completed entrance.

Your commercial project is now complete, and your entrance mat is securely in place, keeping your facility looking pristine and your patrons safe. An entrance mat may be the last item that gets installed at your facility, but they have an important job to do. There is a lot that goes into getting an entrance mat to your building: First you have to choose your mat and secure a quote, then you submit your order, next the mat goes into production, and finally it gets installed at your facility.

Ronick is here to assist with all of your entrance needs, our team will be there every step of the way!

Getting The Entrance Mat Out The Door Onto Your Floor!!!
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