Entrance Mats vs Carpet Tiles- Which Option is Best for My Business

Entrance Mats vs Carpet Tiles

When it comes time to renovate or build your commercial project it is not always obvious which flooring choice is the right choice for keeping your entrance clean, safe, and beautiful.

Should you go with carpet tiles, or would an entrance matting system be a better option for your business?

There are several factors that need to be considered before making an investment on your entrance aesthetic, function, and design.


Aluminum entrance mats are engineered to stop dirt at the door by capturing dust, dirt, and debris below the mat’s surface. Commercial entrance mats are slip resistant, and they curtail tripping hazards. They are effective at removing water and moisture from the bottoms of shoes with their wiping and scraping capabilities. Even in areas with high amounts of foot traffic, minimal debris is tracked into the facility leaving a welcoming environment in its path.

With carpet tiles, dirt, and debris rests on top of the surface. As the amount of foot traffic increases the carpet squares become more and more saturated leaving a potentially slippery environment behind. Insufficient trapping of dirt, debris and moisture also means that it can be tracked further into the commercial facility creating an unsightly environment. Carpet tiles are better equipped for areas with low amounts of pedestrian traffic, but they are not ideal for primary entrances with large amounts of foot traffic.


With the exceptional cleaning capabilities of an entrance mat, you can trust your aluminum entrance mat will be effective and prevent dirt and debris from entering your facility. Commercial entrance mats keep your facility looking pristine, sending the message that the values of cleanliness and clear attention to detail are important and exemplified through all areas of business.

Not only are carpet tiles not effective at managing large amounts of dirt from foot traffic, but they also can appear worn with daily use, and require regular cleaning while magnifying the current condition or flaws of the establishment. The individual tiles are also being replaced at different times, creating a non-cohesive look with the surrounding faded or dirty carpet tiles, leaving a negative sense of your establishment.


Aluminum entrance mats are built to last. The durable strength of an entrance matting system is unmatched in its longevity and performance. Aluminum entrance matting systems are customized to fit your exact specifications and unique building design leaving a lasting impression. They are low-maintenance and effective at keeping your facility clean, while also reducing general building care and maintenance costs for years to come.

Carpet tiles, on the other hand, require constant attention. They can be easily damaged, and the individual carpet squares can curl creating an uneven edge or a potential tripping hazard. Damaged tiles require extensive cleaning and frequent replacement. Although the initial cost of carpet tiles may be less expensive at the start; with the recurrent replacement, increased building maintenance and additional overhead costs the carpet tiles can actually end up costing you more in the long run.

Are the upfront economical savings worth the overall cost to your business, or is it better to invest in an entrance matting system that is effective from the start?

The building entrance is one of the first things that people see as they are walking into your facility, setting the tone for their entire experience. As people enter a commercial building, they can quickly develop a positive or negative impression based solely on the appearance and cleanliness of an entrance. That first impression may remain as they view the rest of the facility, and it may influence their opinion about the quality of services provided, and your reputation at large.

Main entrances are used daily by everyone entering your facility, having an entrance matting system that can handle large amounts of foot traffic in all weather conditions is essential in keeping your facility clean, your patrons safe, and your entryways looking presentable.

Here at Ronick we offer customized flooring solutions to match all of your entrance mat needs to ensure that everyone entering your facility is starting off their experience on the right foot.

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