Uneven Floors and Entrance Mat Safety- Senior Living Center

Uneven Floors and Entrance Mat Safety at a Senior Living Center

Earlier this week we were contacted by a local senior care facility regarding a damaged entrance mat that was going to need to be replaced.  A heavy MRI machine was wheeled over the mat causing the mat to bow and lie unevenly.

On a sunny summer day we left the office for our offsite adventure. We found our way to the main entrance of the senior center building, where we were met with a paper sign on the door that read“ Uneven floor watch your step”.

"Uneven Floor Watch Your Step"

The damage to the entrance mat was very apparent in addition to the past due replacement/overextended life that the mat was operating under. The mat was worn, had permanent stains and ice melt residue ground into it, the mat was also was pulling away from the frame. The entrance mat was no longer anchored in place and you could visibly see where the heavy equipment had damaged the rails causing the entrance mat to bend or curve.  If I had to venture a guess, I would speculate the mat had not been replaced since the facility opened in the early 2000’s.

View of the damaged and dirty entrance mat

A rough patchwork job was created by the facilities team to temporarily secure the mat in place with tapcon screws. It was evident that the mat was no longer effectively doing its primary job. We then were greeted by the facilities manager, who shared that several residents had tripped in the entranceway and one even faceplanted resulting in a black eye - Instead of being seen as a bruiser, a baller, a brute, a macho man, or a tough guy at the facility his nemesis was an entrance.

Close up image of the entrance mat that needs to be replaced

We took our measurements and were on our way.

As we left, I couldn’t help but think the senior center looked clean, inviting, and well-kept from the outside… but the entrance mat did not match the rest of the facility nor the impression they were trying to create. Not only was the mat damaged, but it was also dirty, and the carpet was matted down. The entrance mat appeared overlooked, forgotten, neglected in disarray by the staff members and senior citizens that cross over its entrance daily. It also makes you wonder what type of care the residents are receiving if they are unable to keep their entrance clean?

Fortunately, this particular senior center was looking to upgrade to a new aluminum entrance matting system due to the many benefits that an aluminum entrance mat can offer including safety, cleanliness, and appearance.

New Aluminum Entrance Mat Installed 3 Weeks After Mat was Ordered

Aluminum entrance mats last on average 10-15+ years with regular maintenance, depending on amount of foot traffic. They are engineered to keep patrons safe, helping to avoid slip and fall accidents and in turn circumvent expensive lawsuits. Aluminum entrance floor mats are also designed for functionality, maximizing efficiency in preventing dirt and debris from entering the facility. Aluminum entrance mats can also be customized to fit any décor and aesthetic creating an environment that matches both the interior and exterior - sending the message that first impressions matter, and that the same level of detail goes into the care/treatment of the of the seniors living at the senior center as well as the entranceway.

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