Budget Friendly Projects and Entrance Matting Solutions

Budget Friendly Projects and Entrance Matting Solutions

As the final details of a project are coming to an end; staying on track with the budget may become a challenge, which may cause drastic changes to the end result.

Seeing as entrance floor mats are typically one of the final products to be installed in the building, they are also often one of the first things reduced or removed in the project’s overall scope. Installers, owners, and architects need to rely on the knowledge, expertise, and recommendations of product manufacturers to ensure that “value engineering” does not negatively affect the overall project.

Being proactive and thinking logistically throughout the design phase of the project can help the proprietor get the product that they want while also staying in budget. Some key things to consider when identifying your entrance flooring mat needs that can also provide cost savings are: materials used, product choice/functionality, shape, and product placement.

Aluminum Entrance Mats
Choosing aluminum over stainless steel can provide cost savings without affecting the overall look or performance.  You can also choose to anodize the mat/grid rails to improve corrosion resistance while also adding additional aesthetic value to the finish, or you can choose a standard mill finish.

Tread Insert
The tread insert is another option to consider when thinking about materials. When selecting the tread insert; the standard insert options over customized options will save you money. We also recommend using heavy-duty carpet over recycled rubber or poured abrasive inserts to get the best value.

In most situations shallow frames will hold more than enough dirt to fit the needs of the building. Think about using a standard shallow-framed system instead of a deeper-pit framed option for your project.  Instead of using a metal drain pan, consider substituting a concrete sealer to enforce water tautness on your entrance floormat.

Another option to consider is where and how you are using the thickest part of the entrance floor mat. Does the thickness need to be the same throughout the entire mat or can it gradually fade to maximize the return on your investment, and how the entrance mat is used?

Irregular shapes with complicated cuts add to the cost of the project. Using rectangular or square, standard shapes and avoiding going wall-to-wall in large corridors will give provide cost savings to the overall project.

Place the entrance floor mat or grid in portions of the entrance that are in high traffic areas that will be walked on. Think about what you need at the primary building entrance opposed to back door auxiliary entrances. Only spend extra money where you can make the biggest impact and maximize how your dollars are being utilized.

Any budget-friendly project can be aesthetically appealing and functional without compromising the integrity of the project. Being budget-conscious throughout the project can help with the bottom line and not force extreme cost-cutting measures as the project is nearing the end.

For more information please contact Ronick at 877-242-8821.

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