Aluminum Entrance Mat Refurbishing

Time and traffic "mat" down your carpet, stopping the bristles from effectively wiping. If your existing recessed aluminum mat has limited to no corrosion we recommend periodic replacement of the carpet strips. The normal life cycle with moderate traffic and moderate cleaning is between 5-10 years.

Service Area

We currently offer our cleaning and refurbishing services to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  To obtain a quote please contact us at 877-242-8821.

Mats Supported

Pedimat, PediTred, Pedigrid
BaseMat, BaseTred, BaseGrid
Perfec Mat, Perfec Roll-up, Perfec Grate

Cleaning Includes

Removing Recessed AluminumMat/Grid
Cleaning Recess
Cleaning of Carpet Inserts
Reinstallation of Aluminum Mat/ Grid

Cut Costs  --  Refurbish Your Aluminum Mats

Over time, the carpet insert material wears down, becomes stained or damaged leaving an ineffective, ugly entrance mat.  Refurbishing your existing aluminum mat will enhance the aesthetic appeal, providing a safe, effective mat to cut cleaning costs and leave a no trip/fall hazard danger zone.

Property managers, facility managers and commercial building owners can refurbish existing metal mats at a fraction of the cost to purchase new mats.  There are no special tools or highly-trained personnel required to repair and refurbish your old recessed mats, grilles or aluminum roll-up mats.  Materials and labor needed to refurbish your existing recessed mat will generally cost about half the price of a new aluminum mat.

When ordering replacement insert material for your refurbishment project there are several choices that need to be made to ensure that your project is a success:

  • Specify for Interior or Exterior Use
  • Type of inserts, i.e. carpet, vinyl, abrasive, etc.
  • Correct width of insert material for your particular mat
  • Color
  • Determine quantity needed

Ronick is able to provide you with carpet samples, upon request, to help ensure that you have the correct insert width and desired color to fit your matting needs.

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Renovation of your existing roll-up metal mat consists of determining the correct type of replacement insert and placing an order.  Insert replacement materials come on a roll, generally 750 lineal feet in length.  

Aluminum metal mats generally have some type of alternating rails  --  an aluminum rail followed by a carpet-type insert and then another aluminum hinged rail.  When refurbishing your mat, you will need to remove the screws, rivets or crimps from the backside of the mat that attach the inserts to the aluminum rail.  The existing inserts are then removed, taking special care to clean the channels on either side.  The aluminum rail and hinge portion of the mat should then be thoroughly clean/scrubbed and maintenance performed on any bent rails, etc.  The new insert material can then be fed into the clean channels, reattached to the aluminum mat by rivets, etc. and replaced in your cleaned recessed well.

Metal roll-up mats are designed to be one of the most effective floor mat systems available.  When the appropriate type and size of aluminum mat is used in your building facility, the mats will:

  • Scrape dirt and debris off shoes
  • Trap and absorb moisture from rain or melting snow
  • Increase traction and provide a hazard-free no-slip entry way
  • Provide color options to enhance surrounding décor

A note of caution, insert materials come in slightly differing widths.  In other words, one-size DOES NOT fit all.  Dealing with an experienced supplier who will provide samples of the different width materials so that you can actually try the material in your mat's channel, will ensure that your refurbishing project will go smoothly.  You will be pleased with your like-new high performance aluminum mat.

For detailed, step-by-step instructions, visit our Tutorials.  We sell all types and widths of insert material; our staff is ready to help you.

Recessed Aluminum/Metal Mats

Pedimat Entrance Mat Refurbishing Process

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Need Service Help Near the Twin Cities?

We can provide support help, in the Twin Cities region, for the following products.

Pedimat, PediTred, Pedigrid

BaseMat, BaseTread, BaseGrid

Perfec Mat, Perfec Roll-up, Perfec Grate

Mat Maintenance

Ronick offers cleaning and refurbishing services to the Minneapolis / St. Paul Twin Cities Metro Area.  We have more than 35 years of experience specializing in sales and service for Pedimats, PediTreds, Pedigrids, GridLine entry mat products, and more.

Metal Entrance Mat Cleaning

Better soil absorption for reduction in
interior maintenance
Maintenance reduces corrosion

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Aluminum Entrance Mat Refurbishing

Less expensive than purchasing new
Aluminum Entrance Mat
Extends life of Aluminum Entrance Mat

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Aluminum Mat Insert Replacement

Choose carpet inserts that better suit
your application
Find a color that helps hide dirt

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