Chocolate Chip Cookies and Entrance Mat Replacement

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Entrance Mat Replacement

When baking cookies there is a common problem with butter that can affect your cookies.
Is your butter too cold? Is your butter too soft? Or is your butter perfect for combining your dough and getting the right consistency for your cookies?

Most cookies require the butter to be at room temperature, so it is soft enough to incorporate, but not so soft that that the butter will immediately melt in the oven leading to flat cookies. If the butter is too cold, it is more difficult to cream the butter and sugar together resulting in a denser cookie that won’t spread enough on the cookie sheet. When baking it is important to follow the recipe in order to get the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Now the real question is why is an entrance floor mat company talking about cookies???

Well just like cookies, aluminum entrance mats have a specific set of guidelines on how to properly care for and maintain your mat in order to keep it operating at peak performance. There are some common problems that can affect your mats ability to function successfully.

Over time, foot traffic can mat down the carpet preventing the bristles from effectively wiping the bottoms of shoes allowing dirt and debris to be tracked into the building. There are some key questions that need to be considered to determine if it is the right time to replace your entrance mat. Is your mat functioning like new? Is your mat in need of cleaning/refurbishing? Or does your mat need to be replaced in its entirety?

If your mat looks like this it is operating at peak performance and it is effectively keeping your building clean and safe. 

The channels between the rails are clear, allowing for more dirt and debris to be captured

If after removing the debris from the rails and deep cleaning your matting system, you find your carpet is still matted down it is not effectively doing its job and it may be time to replace the mat inserts.

The traffic pattern is readily observed, where the carpet strips are matted and saturated with ice melt and dirt. In its current state, the mat will not effectively wipe and soil will be tracked into the interior.


If your entrance matting systems rails are damaged or there is corrosion present, or you are unable to replace the mat inserts; it may be time for a new entrance mat.

Corrosion occurs even on aluminum when not cleaned frequently. This can lead to structural weakening of the mat, resulting in further maintenance issues.

Following the entrance mat “recipe” and adhering to the mat wheel load guidelines as well as regularly cleaning your entrance mat will not only improve its longevity but it will also reduce the need to restore the mat inserts and keep your entrance matting system performing like new.

Contact Ronick for new or replacement entrance mat projects. Whatever your entrance matting needs are, we will be here every step of the way.

Now back to cookies, here is one of our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes… it is enjoyed frequently at Ronick!

*Tip: Pull the butter from the fridge 15 minutes prior to using for Perfectly chocolatey gooey delicious cookies

Here at Ronick we know the value of a perfect cookie and a perfect entrance mat!

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