Snow/Rain Entrance Matting

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Metal or aluminum entrance mats are specially designed for use in high pedestrian traffic areas.   This type of matting is highly effective in snow and rain elements by wiping shoes and reducing slipping hazards.  Unlike rubber backed mats, metal or aluminum entrance matting allows moisture and dirt to fall below, keeping the surface clear and hazard free.  Property owners and managers that use metal or aluminum entrance matting in their facilities have a safer surface for their pedestrian traffic while reducing maintenance needs in their building entrances.  

Entrance Floor Mat for Snow and Dirt
Pedestrians walk across the entrance floor mat perpendicular to the heavy duty carpet inserts and aluminum rails --  wiping snow, dirt and moisture off their footwear.  The recess well underneath the metal mat collects dirt and moisture. 
Snow on Entrance Floor Mat
The heavy duty carpet inserts scrape snow and dirt from footwear and then deposit it in the slotted rails.  The slush, dirt and moisture are collected in the recess area beneath the aluminum mat  --   keeping a cleaner wiping surface.