Revolving Door Entrance Floor Mats

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Entrance mats around a revolving door

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The problem with placing any type of entrance mat or matting under a revolving door is extra friction when rotating the door. If the rubber edging on the bottom of the door is removed or reduced there is a draft of air escaping through. The best surface underneath a revolving door is tile or stone which allows the door to glide and creates a seal reducing air from escaping. It is recommended to use a scraping mat on the outside of the revolving door entrance to remove the larger chunks of dirt/snow and then use a wiping mat inside to capture more of the dirt and moisture.

Revolving Door Entrance Mat
Above you can see the aluminum entrance mat has been installed before the revolving door to pedistrian traffic walking through.  The Terazzo flooring underneath the revolving door remains sealed and glides with limited friction.
There are several Stainless Steel Grids available for use inside a revolving door.  The smooth flat surface of the grids allow the doors to move without catching on sharp edges.  Custom baffles are available to deal with air flow and energy efficiency issues.  


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