PediTred G4 Entrance Mat System

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The Peditred G4 is the industry's strongest architectural entrance mat system.  Capable of handling rolling loads of 1,000  lbs. per wheel load, the PediTred G4 offers high strength and durability for multiple applications.  This PediTred model features deep slotted aluminum tread rails and can easily be rolled back to clean out collected dirt and water.


PediTreds are suited for both surface mounted and recessed applications.   Buildings without a separate delivery entrance are ideal for the PediTred G4 -- all carts and materials enter through your front door.  3/4" depth allows greater capacity for trapping dirt and moisture.  The non-PVC components resist mold and mildew while promoting air circulation in the recess below. 
Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs per wheel load Weight per Square Foot: 3.31 lbs
Depth: 3/4" Roll-up Capability: Yes
Rail Spacing: 1.5" on Center

Warranty: 2 years

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Select Size:  Mats are custom made for replacement/remodeling of existing mats or new construction.

Select Finish: Choose from either natural aluminum (mill), clear anodized, bronze anodized, or black anodized.  

*Mill        Clear Anodized Bronze Anodized Black Anodized

Select Insert Type and Color: Choose from Heavy Duty or Exterior Carpet, Abrasive Tape, Vinyl, or Poured Abrasive.


 PediTred G4 ® HEAVY DUTY Carpet Inserts See Insert Types

Tan 9042 Sandbar 9303 Sandstone 7304 Espresso 9305 9301 Silverado
9042 Tan 9303 Sandbar 7304 Sandstone 9305 Espresso 9301 Silverado
Merlot 9184 Indigo 7312
9327 Dry Brown 9329 Soft Brown 9184 Merlot 9332 Anthracite 7312 Indigo
Midnight 9313 Gunmetal 7324 Wrought Iron 7325 Slate 9322 Fern 9317
9313 Midnight 7324 Gunmetal 7325 Wrought Iron 9322 Slate 9317 Fern
Olive 9183 Hearty Moss 7319 Spruce 9316 Pewter 9321 Castle Gray 7323
9183 Olive 7319 Hearty Moss 9316 Spruce 9321 Pewter 7323 Castle Gray
    Graphite 9325    
    9325 Graphite  


 PediTred G4 ® EXTERIOR Brush Inserts See Insert Types

9330EB Cocoa Espresso EB9305 Castle Gray 7323EB Wrought Iron 7325EB  
9330EB Cocoa 9305EB Espresso 7323EB Castle Gray 7325EB Wrought Iron  


 PediTred G4 ® ABRASIVE TAPE Inserts See Insert Types

Black 8401 8403 Brown Indigo 8407 Brick Red 8402 Gray 8404
8401 Black 8403 Brown 8407 Indigo 8402 Brick Red 8404 Gray
    Safety Yellow 8406    
    8406 Safety Yellow    


 Pedimat M2 ® VINYL Inserts See Insert Types

Black 8501
8501 Black


 PediTred G4 ® Poured Abrasive See Insert Types

Twilight 953 Castle Gray 900 Sandstone 903 Autumn Green 967 Loam 943
953 Twilight 900 Castle Gray 903 Sandstone 967 Autumn Green 943 Loam
    Wrought Iron 905    
    905 Wrought Iron    

Select Frame: Choose Frame Type for Application

PediTred G4 ® Frame Options

Recessed Tapered Angle Frame TNG

PediTred G4 Tapered Angle Frame

Recessed Tapered Angle Frame TNG Use this 1/2" recessed frame in areas that have a reasonably level substrate and leveling screed is not necessary.

Recessed Level Base Frame LB

PediTred G4 Level Base Frame

Recessed Level Base Frame LB Use this 3/4" recessed frame for new construction. A leveling screed installed by the contractor assures a level base.

Surface Mounted Tapered Aluminum Frame TA

PediTred G4 Surface Mounted Tapered Vinyle Frame

Surface Mounted Tapered Aluminum Frame TA Use this 3/4" x 3-1/2" tapered aluminum frame to surface mount PediTred. 

Surface Pipe Stem Frame PS

PediTred G4 Surface Pipe Stem Frame

Surface Pipe Stem Frame PS Use this 11/16" frame to transition surface mounted PediTred to adjoining commercial carpet

Samples provided upon request