Pedigrid Information

Why Install a Pedigrid?
Pedigrid Entrance Foot Grilles
Unlike Pedimat roll-up entrance mats, Pedigrids are rigid grids that do not roll up. They are manufactured into sections for easy installation and maintenance. Pedigrid foot grilles are rigid, durable, and easily customized.  Different depths are available for different applications, ranging from 1-11/16" to 4-3/16". All Pedigrids ® are custom made and are available in a variety of insert and frame options.
Weight Load Capacity
Pedigrid has a per wheel weight capacity of 400 pounds. (a/k/a Rolling Load Capacity).   A typical two-wheeler can easily carry up to 800 pounds across a Pedigrid without damaging the aluminum rails, inserts or frame.
How big of a Pedigrid do I need?
Entrance Foot Grille Pedigrid
An effective entrance matting system is made up of three separate clean-off zones or areas.  Generally speaking, 15 feet of matting is needed to adequately protect your flooring and provide a safe surface for foot traffic.  This 15 feet of entryway matting can be a Pedigrid mat with Exterior Brush inserts especially designed for outdoor use, along with a Pedigrid with Heavy Duty Carpet inserts in the vestibule/foyer area followed by a softer wiping-type of mat immediately inside the lobby completing your 3-mat entry system.   Pedigrids are designed to be at least the width of the doorway or set of double doors and as long as possible.  Many times the entire vestibule or foyer will be covered wall-to-wall, door-to-door, with a Pedigrid.  Select the style and performance combination best suited for your facility.   Because Pedimats, PediTreds and Pedigrid grids are all custom made, we can meet your specific size needs to offer optimal performance and function for your entrance matting needs.  
What is the largest Pedigrid section I can order?
Pedigrids can be manufactured in lengths of up to 12 feet.  Generally, the only limitation to size is overall weight of the mat.  Also, many shipping companies have a 10-foot length limit.  In order for your staff to clean and maintain your Pedigrid, you should consider the weight for individual sections of your entryway matting, keeping in mind the ability of your staff to move the mat and/or mat sections.   Pedigrids can be made in sizes/units for your unique application.
Custom sizes and templates
All Pedigrids are custom manufactured for your individual needs.  This customization ensures that you will have the correct size, type of insert, and type of aluminum color that is the best combination for your facility. See our tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to determine the best size Pedigrid for your facility, as well as instructions on how to order and complete a template.  A template is required when an entrymat is not made of right angles.   A template service is available; for a fee a service technician will come to your facility or job site and make your template ensuring a custom fit.  
Production and delivery times
All Pedigrids are custom manufactured to meet your project's specific needs.   This allows you to select not only the size, but also the type and color of inserts, type and color of aluminum rails, hinges and frame, and type of installation and framing options.   Such customization options, fabrication and delivery generally require 3-4 weeks.  If you need your frame earlier, it can be shipped out separately before your mat is completed, at no additional charge. There is also a “rush” program available at an additional charge.
Pedigrid recessed frames
Pedigrids can be installed indoors or outdoors. There are frame options available for new construction or renovation.  For example, a Pedigrid can be installed with or without a drain pan and drain.   Refer to the frame options shown below.
Level Base and Deep Frame Pedigrid
Aluminum Finishes
The exposed rails and hinges on a Pedigrid, as well as the frames, are made of aluminum.  The stock finish is a standard mill aluminum finish (a shiny metal aluminum color).  There are other finishes and colors available including anodized and powder coat aluminum finishes.  You can coordinate not only the type and color of rail insert material but also the aluminum rails and frame to compliment your interior design.  See the chart below for a chart displaying the color and finish options available.
Cleaning Pedigrid
What a Pedigrid does best is effectively scrape dirt and remove moisture from all types of footwear.  By removing individual sections, you can easily clean not only the aluminum grid and rails but also the recessed well area beneath the Pedigrid.  Maintenance staff can easily vacuum the surface of the mat daily and periodically.  When needed, your Pedigrid can be extracted or for a more thorough after-winter-cleaning your entryway mat can be removed and cleaned using a pressure washer.  
Refurbishing Aluminum Foot Grille
The sturdy aluminum rails in your Pedigrid will last many years.  Sometimes, however, the aluminum portion of your mat exceeds the life of the carpet insert strips or during remodeling, your vestibule and lobby areas might change color schemes.  Replacement carpet insert material is available allowing your maintenance staff to replace and renew the appearance and function of your investment.   For about half the cost of a new Pedigrid, you can revitalize your entryway.   Refer to our step-by-step tutorial on how you can refurbish your existing aluminum grid entrance mat.
Ordering a new entrance mat for an existing entry
Measuring for Pedigrid Quote
To replace your existing Pedigrid foot grille measure your existing recess.  Measure the inside of the frame on the sides and center of both the length (red) and width (green) to determine if the recess is square.  Because Pedigrids are manufactured in rigid sections, accurate measurements are important.  These dimensions are known as the "rough opening" which are then used to fabricate your replacement entrance grid.