Gridline G6 Information

Why Install a Gridline G6?
Gridline G6 Entrance Grid
With a high-tech appearance and minimal maintenance needs, the Gridline G6 is versatile in various applications.  All joints are electronically resistance welded for quality and strength.  Several options are available including radius cuts, surface installation and lockdown systems.  
Weight Load Capacity
Rolling Loads over Stainless Steel Grid
The stainless steel Gridline G6 is rated for 500 pounds per wheel rolling loads.  Very durable against heavy traffic loads, the Gridline G6 is versatile, as well as attractive, in many entrance applications.
How big of an area do I need for maximum dirt retainage?
Foreign contaminants such as dirt, ice melter, and moisture are constantly being walked in from outside by pedistrian traffic.  According to IEQ Credit 5, Pollutant Source Control, an entrance system of at least 10 feet should be installed in all major entrance areas of a building.  Not only does this reduce slipping hazards but also reduces floor cleaning costs by 30-50%.  
What is the largest Gridline I can order?
Gridline G6 can be made in several different custom sized panels allowing an infinite area to be covered.  Weighing 5.4 pounds per square foot (1-1/8" deep) it is recommended multiple small panels are used for easy maintenance and installation.  
Custom sizes and templates
All Gridline G6 foot grilles are custom sized for your individual needs.  This customization ensures that you will have the correct size and depth for your application.  See our tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to determine the best size Gridline grille for your facility, as well as instructions on how to order and complete a template.  A template is required when an entry mat is not made of right angles.   A template service is available; for a fee, a service technician will come to your facility or job site and make your template ensuring a custom fit. 
Gridline frame options
Gridline G6 Depths
Gridline G6 foot grilles are available in a variety of depths to meet all new construction or renovation entrance requirements.  Choose 3/8", 5/8" or 1-1/8" depths for stainless steel entrance grids.  
Lockdown Types
Stainless Steel Entrance Grid Hidden and Surface Lockdowns
Two types of lockdowns secure the stainless steel foot grille to the sub-floor.  It is important to use lockdowns to prevent unwanted removal, avoiding tripping hazards, and maintenance.  
Surface lockdowns are fabricated into each grid section and available on 3/8", 5/8" and 1-1/8" deep grids.  This type of lockdown is more visibile and easier to lock and unlock with a hex screw.
Hidden lockdowns are clips that can be installed onsite and postioned where needed.  Available on the 5/8" and 1-1/8" Gridline G6, these lockdowns are hidden underneath the stainless steel rods and achored in placed by a hex screw.  View the installation instructions here
Gridline G6 entrance floor grids are made out of type 304 stainless steel, virtually reducing any type of required maintenance.  That being said, it is important that no other metal objects are dragged or placed on the grids.  Any steel or iron item which comes in contact with the stainless steel is a potential source for "free iron" contamination.  "Free Iron" from these objects coming in contact with the surface of stainless steel foot grilles can look like rust.  This contamination can be removed by using the correct chemicals to clean the Gridline G6 entrance floor grids.   Some citrus-based cleaners have been shown to remove this free iron contamination.  For more information on free iron visit this link.  Dirt and debris will collect in the recess below and will need to be cleaned periodically.  The grids should be removed and the recess emptied for maximizing dirt retention. 
Ordering a new stainless steel foot grille
Stainless Steel Foot Grille
For new construction the rough opening size of the size (width x length) is needed to determine the size of the frame and mat.  
Production and delivery times
Custom Cut Stainless Steel Entrance Grids
All Gridline G6 Grids are custom manufactured to meet your project's specific needs.   This allows you to select the size, depth, and lockdown types.   Such customization options, fabrication and delivery generally require 6-8 weeks.  If you need your stainless steel frame earlier, it can be shipped out separately before your mat is completed, at no additional charge.