Entrance Floor Mat Insert Types

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Entrance Floor Mat Insert Types

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All buildings have unique application needs for both function and decor coloring.  Choose from the inserts options below to maximize dirt/water retention while minimizing visual traffic patterns in your entrance way.


Carpet Inserts

9301 Silverado
9303 Sandbar 7304 Sandstone 9305 Espresso 9301 Silverado 7307 Raspberry
Merlot 9184 Indigo 7312 Midnight 9313 Gunmetal 7324 Wrought Iron 7325
9184 Merlot 7312 Indigo 9313 Midnight 7324 Gunmetal 7325 Wrought Iron
Slate 9322 Fern 9317 Olive 9183 Hearty Moss 7319 Spruce 9316
9322 Slate 9317 Fern 9183 Olive 7319 Hearty Moss 9316 Spruce
Pewter 9321 Castle Gray 7323 Graphite 9325 Tan 9042  
9321 Pewter 7323 Castle Gray 9325 Graphite 9042 Tan  
9330EB Cocoa Espresso EB9305 Castle Gray 7323EB Wrought Iron 7325EB  
9330EB Cocoa 9305EB Espresso 7323EB Castle Gray 7325EB Wrought Iron  
Carpet Inserts are a popular option.  These heavy-duty inserts are highly effective at scraping dirt and wiping moisture from pedestrian footwear traffic.  These inserts provide an effective solution for the most demanding entryways.  Available in 19 heavy-duty rich and vibrant colors to complement your entrance decor.  Commonly used in interior entryways, vestibules and foyers of office buildings, retail stores and other high-traffic entrances, heavy-duty carpet inserts offer outstanding performance and value.  

Also available are the extremely durable, hard working Exterior Brush carpet inserts -- offered in 4 different colors.  (Colors are indicated on chart to the right by "EB" added to color number.) These Exterior Brush inserts are the most aggressive scraping and wiping inserts available.  Made of coarse, bristle-like fibers, Exterior Brush inserts provide high performance and appearance, perfect for heavy-traffic applications  --  inside or out.  The solution dyed polypropylene blended fibers have added UV-ray protection to prevent sun fading.                            


Tape Abrasive Inserts


*not available in TreadLine T1

8401 Black 8403 Brown 8407 Indigo 8402 Brick Red 8404 Gray
    8406 Safety Yellow    
Inserts offer excellent performance in entryways where slip resistance and traction are required.  These flexible abrasive grit tape inserts are bonded to aluminum rails.   Choose from one of 6 tape abrasive insert colors.  Ideal for wet and slippery conditions. 

Vinyl Inserts

    8501 Black
Vinyl insert treads provide a durable solution for safety protection at hazardous wet entry areas.  
The Vinyl inserts are available in black and can be used in roll-up mats or grids.  

Serrated Aluminum Inserts

*not available in TreadLine T1 or Pedimat M1

    Serrated Aluminum    
    Clear Anodized    
Serrated aluminum treads offer an excellent cleaning surface.  This low maintenance mat insert provides the high-end look of a stainless steel grid at an economical price.  Ideal for tough indoor or outdoor applications.  Serrated aluminum inserts and aluminum rails or grids are available in clear anodized aluminum finish.  

Poured Abrasive Inserts

*not available in TreadLine T1 or Pedimat M1
953 Twilight 900 Castle Gray 903 Sandstone 967 Autumn Green 943 Loam
    905 Wrought Iron    
Poured abrasive inserts are a factory manufactured two-part epoxy/abrasive grit color option.  Available in 6 different colors -- including "Safety Yellow".  Insert colors can be combined with Safety Yellow to meet your needs and decor where a slip-resistant entryway is needed.  The poured abrasive inserts provide excellent traction for a safe foot traffic surface.  

Rubber Inserts

*not available in TreadLine T1 or Pedimat M1
617 Milky Way 620 Red Hots 721 Iced Frapuccino 720 Appletini 650 Monster's Ink
648 Chunky Munky 646 Mission Possible 911 Zuma 910 Jail House Rock 909 All Shook Up
1011 Go Fish 610A Fish Food 612A Black Gold 629 Big Bang Blue 632 Martian Midnight
635 Stardust 703 Coal Porter 708 Mountain Majesty 709 Pumpkin 710 Rare Earth
713 Blue Danube 714 Blue Bayou 715 Blueberry Hill 716 Hot Tamale 811 Sharin' Stone
A slip-resistant recycled rubber insert option is available in a large assortment of color combinations.  The recycled rubber content is dependent on color combination selection.  A unique insert for application demanding a highly specialized product with decor, as well as safety needs.