Carpet Insert Types for Aluminum Mats

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Carpet Insert Types for Pedimat, PediTred, and Pedigrids

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There are 3 main types of carpet inserts for different applications.  Below you can better determine which will function best in your entrance.  

What Type of Carpet Insert Should I Use In My Metal Roll-Up Mat?

There are basically three different types of carpet-type inserts available for aluminum roll-up mats.  If you are looking at replacing your existing carpet inserts we would like to first emphasize that NOT ALL INSERTS ARE THE SAME SIZE.  There are different insert widths used by different manufacturers.  That being said, the first thing you need to do determine is the manufacturer of your existing mat or the name brand of the metal roll-up entrance mat you are ordering.  Each manufacturer has its own color and carpet-type insert selections.  Not all options are offered by every manufacturer.

NYLON Carpet Inserts

Nylon fiber carpet inserts stand up to normal foot traffic.  Specifications  may state:  100% solution-dyed nylon fiber, fusion bonded to vinyl backing.  Recommended for Interior use.

Nylon Carpet Insert Pedimat


MonoTuft HD™

A nylon and polypropylene combination including monofilament fibers offers the most aggressive interior carpet insert available.  Also described as Bristle Filament Inserts – Heavy-Duty nylon polypropylene mix carpet with aggressive brush action or Poly-Brush – deep pile carpet with poly bristles which clean mud from shoes and absorbs moisture at the same time.

Recommended for interior use with heavy traffic, mixed use situations.

MonoTuft Carpet Insert Pedimat


Exterior Brush Tread

The Exterior Brush Tread  is made of rugged polypropylene fibers for exterior use.  Also described as Heavy Duty Inserts:  100% polypropylene fiber, fusion bonded to vinyl backing; or bristle filament carpet insert.   Recommended for exterior use, not only because of its ruggedness, but also because of built-in UV ray protectors.

Exterior Brush Carpet Insert Pedimat