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Aluminum Entrance Mat Sand, Ice Melter, & Dirt

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Aluminum entrance mat inserts are available in many types and colors. Trying to coordinate a specific color pallet with your interior decor is easy. We recommend you also consider your building's geographical location -- what elements (dirt, sand, ice melter) is your entrance exposed to. The colors chosen for your aluminum mat should reduce the visibility of these elements.  Entrance mats are exposed to many different conditions -- snow, rain, dirt, sand, and ice melter.  You can help hide debris by choosing a color similar to the type of foot traffic your mat will encounter.   See what color options you have




Aluminum Entrance Mat Dirt

Dirt is the most common pollutant making a dark brown aluminum mat insert an ideal color for helping hide any build up -- reducing a traffic-flow pattern from forming on your entrance mat.  Applications include airports, hospitals, commercial buildings, and other entrances that have high pedestrian traffic. 



Aluminum Entrance Mat Sand In other parts of the country, sand prevails (southern regions).  Carpet inserts of a similar sand color will not only retain the sand, but also hide until cleaned. 


Ice Melter

Aluminum Entrance Mat Ice Melter The winter season brings freezing temperatures creating slip hazards on sidewalks and pavement.  Ice melter is normally the answer for removing ice build up and making sure shoes have good traction.  The excess ice melter is carried in via foot traffic into entrances where it remains.  Using a dark color carpet insert combined with a lighter helps hide the white/gray crystals.  The aluminum mat can then be cleaned during spring or early summer for maintenance to keep the mats performing like new.  For aluminum mat cleaning information click here

What is the Best Color for Hiding Dirt in Entrance Matting?

Simply stated, dirt is brown.  Therefore, it would seem obvious that brown colors would be the best color to hide a dirty entrance mat.  After all, entrance mats are supposed to get dirty  --  their role is to stop and trap dirt, keeping dirt and debris from entering your building.  That being said, cleaning and general maintenance of your entrance mats will determine what the best overall color is for your facility.

No, brown is not boring  --  there are many shades and colorful color combinations available.  A rich chocolate brown will give your entryway a warm feel that is perfect in an abundant natural light setting.  Light beiges and tans are also available and will hide dirt while giving the entry a light, airy appearance.  Dark colors such as black, navy blue, or forest green also provide ways to hide dirt.

Any solid color will always show dirt and wear faster than a multi-colored mat.  For example, in areas where ice and snow are prevalent, a multi-color mix of black and gray is an excellent choice.  This color combination will give you good coverage for collecting dirt and white ice melter residue.  This multi-color mixing is true with other color, especially grays and browns.  We offer a selection of five different shades/combinations of gray, five combinations using brown, and a solid black color  --  in addition to blues, greens and reds.

Back to our original question  --  What Color is Best for Your Entrance Matting?  Whether you have aluminum entrance mats or carpet wiping mats  --  explore your entrance design and needs and then select complimentary colors that will meet your unique needs.